Quick, professional travel and vaccination advice?

With our travel medicine suite you can soon start your inquiry 24/7. Professional travel health information has never been so accessible.

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What We Do

Our Solution

Exprea makes professional travel health information more accessible. Through Exprea’s Travel Health Maps, available at a global level for a multitude of infectious diseases, private and business travellers can better understand the health risk as well as which vaccines and medicines they require for their trip. It is our goal to digitally offer travellers a customised, efficient and professional travel health pre-assessment.

Travel Health Maps

Explore your trip destination with our interactive Travel Health Maps.

Online Consultation

Take advantage of our cheap, fast and remotely-accessible online consultation to determine if you require further medical assessment.

Vaccination Advice

Automate your vaccination appointment and medication pickup with us.


How It Works


Aggregation of official travel health information


Analysis and classification using NLP, GIS and ML


New integrations, representations and applications


Creation of structured databases


Who We Are

Salomé Bucher

Co-Founder - Sales & Fundraising


Salomé has 5 years’ experience as a commercial officer for a FTSE 100 company. Working with some of the world’s largest airlines, Salomé has represented a major player in the aviation industry in all aspects regarding commercial agreements, financial settlements and relationship management. Motivated by value creation, Salomé has developed many successful long-term partnerships and is now looking to leverage her commercial know-how and passion for people to build a new venture from the ground up.


Salomé graduated with an LLB from Warwick University (UK) and an LLM from Emory University (USA).

Daniel Moser

Co-Founder - Business Development & Finance


Daniel is a passionate IT entrepreneur with a proven track record. In his first startup, quitt.ch, where he was the founder and the driving force for 7 years, he lived through the full lifecycle of a startup, starting with just an idea and finishing with a successful exit. After traveling the world for almost a year during his sabbatical, Daniel now wants to channel his travel experiences into this next venture to allow future travelers a safe experience.


Daniel graduated from ETH Zurich with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Economics.

Dr. Ramya Venkateswaran

Co-Founder - Technology


Ramya began her entrepreneurial journey in 2017. With 10+ years of experience in data analytics and software and 4+ years of experience in insurance data analytics, she is passionate about building innovative solutions and exploring new technologies. She loves travelling, but, as the mother of 2 little clowns, she knows that safety and health come first. As a skilled problem solver, Ramya is transferring her learnings to build a user-focused commercial solution.

Ramya has a PhD in Geographic Information Science from University of Zurich, a Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California in the USA and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from Symbiosis University in India.

Contact Us

Please contact us here if you are interested in a free demo, potential partnership or if you would like to come work at Exprea.

Address: Kasinostrasse 10, 8032 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 508 24 33